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Our Staff

Project GRAD Kenai Peninsula Administration

Project GRAD Kenai—Jane Beck

Jane Beck

Executive Director

Project GRAD Kenai—Holly Dramis

Holly Dramis


Project GRAD Kenai—Celeste Novak

Celeste Novak

Human Resource Manager

Project GRAD Kenai—Kate Mulder

Kate Hartill

Administrative Assistant

State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services

Positive Youth Development Afterschool Program

Creating Healthy Inclusive Learning Lifestyles (CHILL)

Project GRAD Kenai—Karina Marette

Karina Marette

Academic Coach

Project GRAD Kenai—Shellie Worsfold

Shellie Worsfold

Academic Coach

Project GRAD Kenai—Renee Veldman

Renee Veldman

Academic Coach

Aidan McMurrer

Aidan McMurrer

Academic Coach


Alaska Native Education Program

Resilience, Independence, Strength, and Education (RISE)

Project GRAD Kenai—Haley Norris

Hayley Norris

Elementary Academic Coach

Project GRAD Kenai—Natali Jones

Natali Jones

Social School Counselor

Project GRAD Kenai—Gavia Angell

Gavia Angell

Academic Coach

Kenneth Schneider

Academic Coach

Kenai Peninsula Borough School District

Kenai Peninsula Native Youth Leadership Program (KPNYL)

Project GRAD Kenai—Jennifer Freeman

Jennifer Freeman

KPNYL Support Coordinator

Project GRAD Kenai—Bonnie Pierce

Bonnie Pierce

KPNYL Assistant


Alaska Native Education Program

Promoting Opportunity, Wisdom, Education, and Resilience for Underserved Populations (POWER UP)

Project GRAD Kenai—Selina Mach

Selina Mach


Project GRAD Kenai—Kyla Dammann

Kyla Dammann

Academic Coach

Project GRAD Kenai—Rylee Middleton

Rylee Middleton

Academic Coach

Lucas Thoning

Lucas Thoning

Academic Coach


Chris Etzwiler

Former Site Coordinator/Academic Coach

The late Chris Etzwiler continues to be an Afterschool Superhero for the children, youth, and Afterschool providers at Project GRAD Kenai Peninsula. As a Site Coordinator there, Chris brought creativity, joy, and a relentless commitment to education after school. Even while battling Stage IV cancer, Chris remained involved and concerned about Project GRAD’s programming and colleagues. Chris’ compassion and selflessness continue to inspire Project GRAD staff every day.

Chris’ dedication shone throughout COVID as he led (with his characteristic calm) the Project GRAD Afterschool team’s reset and redesigned programming to creatively deliver meaningful services to Kenai Peninsula communities. As one colleague put it: “Being in Chris' presence was an instant breath of fresh air, as his demeanor invited a sense of possibility and peace. Not one to get too worked up, he responded to challenges with positivity mixed with a healthy dose of reality.”

Our Board of Directors

Bob Moore, Chairman
Homer, Alaska
Retired KPBSD Principal

Conrad Woodhead, Vice-Chair
Anchorage, Alaska
Aleut Community of St. Paul Island, Tribal Member
SeaAlaska Shareholder


Millie Johnson
Anchorage, Alaska
Chugach Alaska Corp, Original Shareholder
Eyak Corp, Original Shareholder

Connie Wirz
Anchorage, Alaska
Cook Inlet Regional Incorporated (CIRI)

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